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Priority Geotechnical Ltd. have a total of 7 number Cable Percussive Drilling Rigs: 4 number Dando 2000 Cable Percussion Rigs and 3 number Dando 3000 Cable Percussion Rigs.

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These rigs are capable of drilling using casing 150mm up to 250mm diameter to a depth of between 20m to 70m depending on ground conditions and the diameter of casing used. Cable percussion drilling is capable of progressing through overburden soils, dense granular deposits and stiff cohesive deposits. Where rock is encountered chiselling may be used to prove obstruction. Rotary drilling is required to prove bedrock level or the nature of the obstruction. Bulk disturbed samples are recovered to allow for a detailed geotechnical logging of the soil strata encountered. Undisturbed U100 samples may also be taken where ground conditions permit.

Environmental sampling may be undertaken using cable percussion rigs allowing for environmental and chemical analysis of soils or fill material from Brownfield sites. Such analysis will allow for a determination of the site as Green, Yellow or Red and for Source, Pathway, Receptor analysis to determine potential environmental hazards and remediation strategies where necessary.

Our cable tool rigs are also suitable for mounting on floating plant and jack-up barges for over-water and marine drilling. These capabilities allow for Priority Geotechnical to provide for our Clients needs whatever their borehole requirements on land or over water.

Standard Penetration Test, N values may be undertaken through the overburden materials. In-situ shear vane testing, permeability testing and piston sampling can be undertaken upon request in soft ground. Groundwater installations or piezometers can be constructed allowing for the monitoring of groundwater levels and pore water pressures.

Upon completion of cable percussive an experience Engineering Geologist or Geotechnical Engineer will prepare detailed geotechnical logs using AGS compatible software.

Priority Geotechnical can prepare soil test schedules on our Clients behalf and will undertake soil testing to determine the soil engineering characteristics required for engineering design to our Clients exact needs.

All fieldworks are carried out in accordance with the relevant British Standards: BS 5930.

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