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Priority Geotechnical Ltd have 2 number Archway Competitor 130 rigs
capable of undertake dynamic probing to assess the soil strength and
relative density profile. The equipment may be used to undertake
additional window sampling to determine the soil profile if necessary.

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Priority Geotechnical can undertake Dynamic probing using Heavy
(50kg) with a drop height of 500mm and Super Heavy (63.5kg) with a
drop height of 750mm. A cone apex of 90o is used. In both instances the
number of blows per 100mm penetration is recorded.

A suitably qualified Engineering Geologist or Geotechnical Engineer will
prepare detailed logs and interpret the data required allowing for an
estimation of bearing capacity to be made.

Low pressure tyres are used to allow for access to soft ground sites
minimizing rutting and disturbance to the ground.

All fieldworks are carried out in accordance with the relevant British Standards: BS 5930.

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